All Purpose Sanitizer, 32 oz, National Chemical 11012

SKU# 573572 MODEL# 11012 PS# 172019

$8.39 /ea


Height 13 in
Width 10 in
Depth 10 in


  • Size: 32 oz


The National Chemical 11012 Q.A. Sanitizer is all purpose sanitizer, disinfectant and deodorizer; this means that you can use it to sanitize anything in your restaurant, public eating or drinking establishments. You know how the health inspector requires you to have a sanitizer to keep all your kitchen work spaces sanitized? This is what they are talking about. This sanitizer can be used on any hard, nonporous surface; use it on tile, plastic, glass, meta, porcelain, stainless steel, about any hard surface found in the kitchen. Use this on your work tables, counters, door knobs, sinks... you name it. You can also use this to sanitize ice machines, it's odorless, tasteless if used at the recommend strength.


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