Scoop, 12 oz, Cast Aluminum, Libertyware AS12

Funnel, 4

Funnel, 4", Stainless Steel, Tablecraft 1410

Ashtray, 4"x 1-3/4", Black, Plastic, Libertyware MEL-263B

  • Stackable
  • Black
  • Durable plastic
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This Libertyware ashtray has a basic black design with a 4" round diameter. This ashtray has very nice safety holders on the sides for customer convenience. This allows the customers to have a place to put their cigarettes or even a convenient object to tap the cigarette against. The black design allows you to store this ashtray on your tabletops and bartops without looking out of place. These ashtrays help to keep small trash and used cigarettes in one place. Look through several designs of ashtrays to fit your needs.
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Brand Libertyware
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