Baking Measurements Conversion Guide

Doubling a recipe is a good idea for commercial bakers who need to work fast in a busy setting. But this also means converting or adding together measurements that aren’t easy to work with. Cooking should be enjoyable and relaxing, not scientific.

No matter your experience, every baker should own a baking conversion guide. Whether you’re converting from cups to millimeters, grams to teaspoons, or tablespoons to cups, this conversion guide will enhance your baking experience and confidence.

Dry vs Liquid

You should never use dry measuring tools for liquids, and vice versa. Since liquids are denser than dry ingredients, the measuring is different. For recipes that need precise measuring, it’s crucial to use the correct measuring tools.

Knowing the difference between dry measuring tools and liquid measuring tools is key to every baker. Dry measuring tools have precise measurements and must be scraped off the top for exact measuring. Liquid measuring tools usually are glass or plastic and have handles that allow you to easily pour contents.

Here are a few Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions to give you a basic understanding of the temperature differences:

Cooking Measurement Tools

Having the correct tools is key while baking as some recipes need precision. Here are some of our favorite measuring tools to aid you through your baking experience:

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