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With the economy slowly reopening, restaurants are still required to take precautions. In Utah, dine-in restaurant services may be available, where the restaurants follow rules — including reconfiguring tables and chairs, screening employees at the start of their shifts, and screening customers. Curbside pickup is heavily emphasized but there are still some restaurants that are allowing some dine-in options. Standard Restaurant Supply has all the essential items to help businesses follow the strict guidelines that are being set by local governments. Here are a few essential items to help adjust to the precautions being set in place:

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Another leader in the restaurant supply field, Arvesta’s Crowd Control Post is great for those needing to follow a line of traffic in the foodservice industry. With a height of 38 inches and a retractable belt of 6 feet, this post will do more than get the job done.

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If you know good brands, you’ll know that Winco delivers on the quality of products that they deliver. Standing at 38 inches with a retractable belt extending to over 6 feet, this product is great for directing guests into your restaurants.

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