As brides are searching for something to set their wedding apart from most, mealtime is an easy way to mesmerize guests. Whether that is setting up a popcorn station, handing out single-serve strawberry bites before the ceremony, or kebabs to serve on the go, there are many ways to wow guests - one popular trend in 2021 is food trucks. 

Guests may not walk out of a wedding remembering how the perfectly wrapped napkins looked or that the DJ played the wrong opening song, but the food served will be the conversation starter for every attendee. Bad food? Now 150 people are talking about how dry the chicken was. Great food? Waste won't be an issue. 

Get Creative

Catering is a huge part of a wedding, so naturally, it's a great place to start getting creative. The street food frenzy has won over the hearts of wedding planners looking for something new to add to their wedding day, and as food trucks emerged with unique dishes and cheaper costs, brides and grooms flock towards them. More brides are hiring food trucks to cater their weddings than traditional caterers. 

Food trucks are becoming much more popular as brides are searching for inexpensive ways to cater their weddings. To stand out from the crowd, consider catering to wedding-goers. Doing so will give your business some much-needed exposure by the large community weddings attract. 

Budget-Friendly? Say Less

Did you know, the price-per-person from traditional wedding caterers is between $70-$100? Food trucks drop that number to around $10-$20 per person. Catering weddings with your food truck already gives you an advantage over traditional wedding caterers. Being as food trucks can typically serve between 50-90, you can offer more for less. 

Separate from the Competition

Although food trucks are appealing, you've still got competition. Offer something that separates your business from the rest. One way to do this is by broadening what you can offer. Some ideas to consider:

  • Set up a display. Provide tables, table cloths, decor, and snacks to make the outside of your food truck look more welcoming. Add tables alongside the line for guests to help themselves. Doing so will keep guests satisfied while they wait to order their food.
  • Get personal. Create personal stickers or printed engravings on the food boxes for each guest that tie in with the wedding decor. It seems simple, but adding this little touch makes for a perfect Instagram photo. Tip: Add your logo or business name as well to gain exposure!
  • Customize your menu. Add the bride and groom's names to the top of your menu board for a more welcoming menu. Maybe even add the bride and groom's favorite snack or meal. If the couple has a hashtag, include that on your menu and encourage guests to share their plates on social media.

To advertise these options, consider creating packages in your pricing. Doing so will simplify the menu planning process. Your packages would differentiate from price, the number of people you can serve, how many different types of food you can offer, and which kinds of services you can provide.

Be sure to ask the couple about allergies. The last thing you want is a handful of guests who can't eat at the wedding. Provide a selection to cater to the vegan, gluten-free, or other dietary restrictions as well.

Permits, Contracts, and Weather

Be sure you or the couple partners with the venue about hiring outside food catering. Some don't allow them; some do. When in doubt, ask. If the wedding is taking place in an open field or public area, be sure to check with the county for restrictions on where you can park your truck. Let the couple know they are responsible for all permits regarding food trucks before their wedding day.

In case of rain or unwanted weather conditions, be sure you can adapt to any situation. Provide adjustable roofs or canopies to your truck to keep the guests comfortable. 

Be sure to write up a contract with the bride and groom to let them know what you are and aren't responsible for during the wedding. Doing so shows the couple what to expect and gives more security while partnering with you.

Food trucks are gaining in popularity, especially in the wedding scene. With an aesthetically pleasing truck and great food, adding weddings to your list of services can be very beneficial to your business.