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Setting Up Curbside Delivery

Curbside delivery is more common now than ever. In times of a pandemic, restaurants, and other businesses that need customer interaction are adapting to curbside delivery. For example, retailers have an online catalog in their store. A customer can purchase that product and a retail worker can run the product out to their car. Thus eliminating the need for that customer to go into the store, try on the product, and purchase it in-store. Here is how to set up your business for curbside delivery.

1. Set up a Designated Location

First, you need to set up a location in your parking lot that’s specific to curbside orders. Some restaurants may have a canopy set up outside in the parking lot that shows where the curbside pickup is designated while others may have a sign posted designating where the curbside pickup is. Having a staff member outside under a canopy is a preferable method. It allows them to run in and out of the restaurant with orders at ease. If you don’t have a parking lot to set up curbside, using a patio or a side of the road may be helpful.

2. Creating an Efficient Process

Adapting your staff to curbside delivery can be a tricky process if they’ve never been trained in doing so. As an owner, it is your job to make sure that they understand the processes and steps needed to make the transition smooth. You’ll want to have an online menu set up that allows customers to add orders or customize them. In our previous post titled “How to Set up Restaurant Delivery“, we talk about setting up your menu online. Sites like Squarespace and Wix are perfect for setting up an online menu for restaurants. They each come with their features and have their pros and cons, however, they are great for creating a fast detailed ordering system. Make sure to have an option that lets customers add what vehicle they are in and what color it is.

3. Have a Well Trained Staff

After you’ve implemented the following steps above, training your staff to be efficient as possible will be the icing on the cake. Take some time before you open your restaurant to effectively train your staff members on how to do curbside delivery. You’ll want to train them on possibly having a new POS system or how to run orders. Some customers may prefer contactless handoff. If a customer requests this, a simple fix could be to put it on a tray and leave it at a designated table for them.

To conclude, communication and safety are what’s going to help your transition to curbside delivery be as efficient as possible. Make sure that your staff sanitizes everything in between breaks and you’re well on your way to having a successful curbside delivery.

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