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During a pandemic, restaurants need some form of service that doesn’t require dining in. Most restaurants immediately added takeout or delivery options to their forms of service to thrive in a social distancing climate. Diving headfirst into delivery can be a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you take on adding delivery to your business.

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Designate a Delivery Space

Setting up a delivery space in your restaurant is vital if you’re going to add this service to your restaurant. A lot can be done by adding a space where orders can be prepared separately than regular dine-in options. Adding to this, you can turn this area into a takeout section as well. This will divert traffic from the dine in the area and put more traffic into your takeout area. It allows for a more efficient workflow.

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Adapt a Delivery Menu

Transferring your current menu and making a more simplified delivery menu can be helpful. A quick design tip would be to make a trifold menu that someone can take home with them. This can also be doubled as a takeout menu as well so that when customers call, they’ll have a copy of a menu on them. 

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Update Your POS System

One of the biggest things you can do is add an online ordering service to your delivery system. Websites like SquareSpace

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