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All Spice, 1lb, 80001

$9.00 $6.29
Allspice, it's in the name! It is the spice for all your needs.

Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Gallon, Pure, Olivari 551663

$19.76 $10.43
Experience the intense flavor of apple cider vinegar with Olivari Apple Cider. (1 Gal)

Black Pepper, Ground, 18 oz, McCormick 900223206

$31.19 $28.93
The Black Pepper is a good spice and will do good in most of your dishes. 18Oz.

Cake Mix Batter, Funnel Cake, Gold Medal Products 5100

$16.50 $12.68
  • Gold Medal recipe original
  • Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix
  • Reduce grease absorption
  • Yield: approximately 25 - 8" funnel cakes per bag

Caramel Sauce, 1/2 Gal, Sugar-Free, Davinci 6073738400168N

$28.68 $15.74
  • Same taste of sweet, caramelized sugar as sugar counterpart
  • Contains real cream and pinch of salt
  • Great for coffee, mochas, frappes, hot cocoa
  • Drizzle over whipped cream
  • Pour over ice cream or milkshakes
  • Kosher-Dairy certified
  • Contains milk and soy

Caramel Sauce, 64 oz, Torani 860017

$26.99 $19.94
Indulge your taste buds in this buttery, scrumptious syrup that is sure to add a special pizazz to anything it touches. (64 oz)

Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 9.5 oz, Back To Nature 581100

$6.18 $4.79
Experience the delicious, crunchy taste of Chocolate Chunk Cookies with this healthy alternative. (9.5 oz)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Mug Mix, 9.2 oz, Ghirardelli 679649

$4.99 $3.69
Our Ghirardelli Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Mix is quick and convenient and packed with real chocolate chips. (9.2 oz)

Chocolate Sauce, 1 Gallon Size, Davinci 4073738406401N

Enjoy the rich flavor of our popular Classic Chocolate Sauce when you add it to your decadent dessert and drink creations. (1 Gal)

Chocolate Sauce, 1/2 Gal, Sugar-Free, Davinci 6073738416201N

$33.89 $15.74
  • Sugar-Free
  • Blend of natural and Dutch cocoas
  • Add to coffee, mochas, frappes, hot cocoa, etc.
  • Kosher-Dairy Certified

Cinnamon Oil Flavor, 1 Oz., Lorann 0010

$7.98 $6.93
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • 1 Oz
  • Gluten Free
  • Insoluble in Water

Classic Caramel Sauce, 1/2 Gal, DaVinci 6073738406203T

$26.03 $15.74
  • CLASSIC CARAMEL SAUCE: Add decadent caramel flavor to drinks & desserts
  • SAVORY & SWEET: Contains sugar, real cream, & a pinch of salt
  • VERSATILITY:  Great for creating beverages & culinary delights that are sure to please.
  • MANY USES: Add our sauces to coffee, mochas, frappes or hot cocoa, whipped cream atop beverages, or pour over ice cream or milkshakes!
  • GOURMET QUALITY: Features perfectly balanced sweetness to complement hot & cold beverages from coffee to tea to lemonade.

Classic Chocolate Sauce, 1/2 Gal, Davinci 6073738406201N

$24.23 $15.74
  • Add to decadent dessert and drink creations
  • Blend of natural + Dutch cocoas
  • Great in coffee, mochas, frappes, or hot cocoa

Classic Pumpkin Pie Sauce, 1/2 Gal, (Seasonal), Davinci 6073738406211

$31.28 $20.99
  • Contains pumpkin and spice flavors
  • Mix in blended drinks or frappes, or hot cocoa
  • Drizzle on whipped cream on beverages
  • Pour on ice cream or milkshakes
  • Kosher-Dairy Certified

Classic White Chocolate Sauce, 1/2 Gal, Davinci 6073738406202T

$24.23 $15.74
  • Features taste of creamy white chocolate and sweet vanilla flavor
  • Contains heavy cream and rich cocoa butter
  • Mix with blended drinks or frappes
  • Drizzle over whipped cream on beverages
  • Great as ice cream topping or in milkshakes
  • Kosher-Dairy certified

Coconut Milk, 96 Oz, Thai Kitchen Milk 03350

$23.64 $19.87
Enjoy the coconut milk in many of your favorites desserts. 96 Oz

Cream of Tartar, 2LB, 80195

$24.00 $15.21
Add these to your desserts to have them turn into something better.