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Broiler Brush, 31″ x 8″ x 2.6″, Black, Steel, Iron Handle, Winco BR-31

$43.92 $32.02
  • 1-1/4″L steel wire bristles
  • Beechwood brush base (7-11/16″L x 2-19/32″W x 1-1/64″H)
  • 3/4″ diameter zinc-plated iron handle

Coffee Decanter Brush, 11″, Blue, Plastic, Winco CDB-11

$5.10 $3.57
The Winco Coffee Decanter Brush has a curved design that helps to clean your Coffee Decanters and keep them maintained for years. It has a plastic handle designed to sit comfortably in your hand.

Counter / Bench Brush, 8″, Black, Polypropylene, Plastic Block, ACS Industries B7738

$4.99 $4.40
Black 8" Counter/Bench brush with a trim length of 2-1/2" and foam plastic block brush.

Counter / Bench Scrub Brush, 8″, Black, Tampico Fiber, Plastic Block, ACS Industries B7728

$7.36 $5.40
Black Tampico bristle is flexible and long-lasting. An excellent all-purpose brush for general cleaning. Tampico fiber resists heat and chemicals.

Counter / Bench Scrub Brush, 8″, Grey Flagged, Polystyrene, Plastic Block, ACS Industries B7708

$5.28 $3.88
Flagged synthetic filaments for fine particles, dust and dirt on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. Polystyrene filament is durable and repels water.

Detail Scrub Brush, 3″ x 7″, Black, Nylon, ACS Industries B861

$2.74 $2.43
3” x 7” construction on a plastic handle makes this an ideal brush for getting into and around tight spaces. The nylon bristle is for grout line and general cleaning.

Floor Scrub Brush, 10″, Brown, Palmyra Fiber, Wood Block, ACS Industries B7110W

$4.77 $4.01
Sturdy natural fibers are for the tough jobs. Ideal for rugged scrubbing on rough surfaces. Available in smooth hardwood block.

Pizza Oven Brush Head, 10.25″, Brown, Brass, Winco BR-10

$19.15 $8.81

This pizza oven brush head is 10.25” with brass bristles and a metal scraper. Ideal for removing rust, heavy build-ups, heavy grease, and carbon deposits that might come from pizza ovens.

Utility Pot Brush, 20″, Brown, Treated Corn, Palmyra Wood Handle, ACS Industries B2311

Sturdy hardwood handle for the professional. Available in Palmyra fiber. These popular brushes are used in most industries. Brush face is 5" .