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Bi-Level Scrub Brush, 10″, Yellow, Polypropylene, ACS Industries B7501

$13.71 $9.50
Heavy-duty 10” crimped polypropylene bristles provide long-lasting wear. Great for cleaning under counters, benches and around equipment.

Floor Scrub Brush, 10″, Brown, Palmyra Fiber, Wood Block, ACS Industries B7110W

$4.77 $4.01
Sturdy natural fibers are for the tough jobs. Ideal for rugged scrubbing on rough surfaces. Available in smooth hardwood block.

Mop Head, 24 oz, White, Rayon, Narrow Band, ACS Industries M8124

$10.13 $7.71
Rayon Cut-End Mop Head, Cotton 24 oz., Narrow Band, for Stirrup screw handles. The band is made from 1-1/4” vinyl coated mesh.