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Floor Squeegee, 22″, Black, Double Moss Rubber, ACS Industries M10022

$13.62 $9.43
Soft double foam rubber for uneven, rough and smooth surfaces. Ideal for markets, warehouse, and foodservice facilities.

Floor Squeegee, 22″, Black, Moss Polypropylene, White Frame, ACS Industries M22222

$20.43 $14.16
White polypropylene frame squeegee molded in splash guard with a soft double foam rubber 3/4” thick blade.

Floor Squeegee, 22″, Black, Polypropylene, Lightweight, Unger HM22A

$30.07 $22.04
Double black foam-rubber blade. Easy flush & rinse design to reduce harmful bacteria buildup. Extra strong frame and heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Floor Squeegee, 24″, Black, Rubber, Straight, Winco FSS-24

$21.07 $10.97

Winco straight floor squeegee is 24” wide rubber. The handles are sold separately.

Floor Squeegee, 30″, Black, Double Foam Rubber, Moss Heavy Duty, Unger HM30A

$39.22 $29.76
Our SmartFit™ WaterWand™ Heavy Duty floor squeegee removes water easily from uneven floor surfaces, such as grouted tile, or non-slip and broadcast grid floors with the double black foam-rubber blade.

Floor Squeegee, 30″, Grey, Plastic, Straight, Continental 1730

$41.48 $29.55
This high-impact plastic frame squeegee is shock, rust, and acid-resistant. Dual soft foam rubber blades contour to floor surfaces for greater liquid removal. Universal handle socket fits handle up to a 1˝ diameter.

Scraper, 4″ x 8″, Blue, Plastic Handle, Continental 2556

$26.82 $13.22
The scraper line was designed for glass windows, doors, and floors. All come with blade protector cover. 2556 may be used with our telescopic poles.

Window Squeegee, 12″, Blue, Plastic, Rubber Blades, Continental 2472

$12.50 $8.91
Lightweight and durable ABS plastic handle with an aluminum channel. Fitted with a standard soft rubber blade. Works well with Telescopic Poles