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3 Glass Washer Brush, 9.5″, Nylon, With Plastic Base, Winco GWB-3

$23.57 $13.58
Perfect glasswasher for bars; it can firmly stick to the countertop and won't slide while using it.

Beer Clean Pouch, 0.25 oz, Pack Sanitizer, Diversey 90223

$0.93 $0.49
Get squeaky clean, sparkling glass products with this high quality beer cleaner.

Glass Wash Brush, 8″, Black, Plastic, Carlisle 4046103

$59.04 $25.98
Keep standard style glasses clean with the Carlisle Food's Glass Wash Brush

Glass Washer Brush, 8″, Black, Plastic, Twin Set, Carlisle Food 4046003

$45.29 $29.61
This 8" glass brush washer has a plastic base that provides a tight grip in sinks and on countertops. Perfect for bars it cleans thoroughly and fast.

Refill Brush For Glass Washer, 8″ Twin/Triple Set, Black, Plastic, Carlisle Food 4046503

$17.11 $9.80
With this 8" brush your glasses can be cleaned thoroughly and safely. It will prevent your glasses from chipping.