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Bowl Brush, 21″, White, Polypropylene, Angled Head, ACS Industries B209

$3.40 $2.53
This bowl brush is angled at 90°. A strong recycled plastic grey handle and hang hole resists bacteria, while a coated twisted wire construction withstands heavy use.

Bowl Mop, 13″, White, Acrylic Yarn Puff, ACS Industries B222

Non-absorbent, fast drying acrylic yarn puff is used to gently wash all types of porcelain fixtures. Long-lasting and economical. 13" Overall length

Toilet Plunger, 19″, Black, Rubber, Flanged End, Winco TP-300

$6.89 $5.02
The Winco TP-300 is perfect for maintaining all sanitary needs in any restaurant. With a 19" wooden base and a rubber flanged end, this plunger will get the job done.