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3 Glass Washer Brush, 9.5″, Nylon, With Plastic Base, Winco GWB-3

$23.57 $14.26
  • Save time, use them for easy and thorough cleaning of your glassware.
  • The nylon bristles on the glass brushes do not collapse.
  • Positive suction base to firmly attach to your sink.

All Purpose Tube Brush, 12″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4015400

$6.89 $4.29
Polyester bristles twisted into flexible wire handles for efficient cleaning of bacteria prone taps, spouts, plungers, tubes, blades, and equipment fittings

Bottle Brush, 12″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4000002

$17.98 $11.74
Bottle brushes have smaller diameter handles and softer bristles for delicate cleaning of jars, bottles, and glasses with smaller openings

Bottle Brush, 16″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4000102

$22.11 $13.22
Bottle brushes have smaller diameter handles and softer bristles for delicate cleaning of jars, bottles, and glasses with smaller openings

Center Brush Glass Washer, 7-1/2″, Plastic, For A-200 Taller Glassware, Bar Maid BRS-922

$22.00 $16.08
With this 7.5" brush your glasses can be cleaned thoroughly and safely. It will prevent your glasses from chipping.

Chlorine Test Strips, 3, White, Litmus, Waterproof Vial, (100/Pack), Franklin 142-1362

$3.00 $2.58
The Franklin 142-1362 litmus test strips can be used for chlorine sanitizers. A color result chart is included with the strips and the vial is waterproof.

Chute II for Round Trash Container, 32-44 Gallon, Red, Plastic, Magnetic, Golden West Sales 3750

$337.50 $238.90
  • High Impact Plastic Design
  • Completely Enclosed Magnetic Assembly
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Magnetic Strength
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Easy To Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Guaranteed Against Breakage For 2 Years

Coffee Decanter Brush, 11″, Black, Plastic, Winco CDB-11

$5.10 $3.57
  • Secure Grip
  • Plastic handle
  • Curved design
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Brush head: 1-1/4″ diameter

Coffee Decanter Brush, 16″, Black, Polyester, Carlisle 4002500

$20.78 $14.62
Still trying to remove those hard to reach coffee stains?

Coffee Maker Brush, 10″, Black, Polyester, Curved, Carlisle 4015300

$15.09 $9.91
A semi-circular wire-wound brush that contours to the inside of coffee pots

Fryer Brush, 28″, Red, High Heat Plastic, Straight, Carlisle 4011005

$51.02 $35.90
Straight Brush Head – Intended for cleaning hollow tubes, corners and hard-to-reach areas

Glass Washer Brush, 8″, Black, Plastic, Twin Set, Carlisle 4046003

$45.29 $31.09
  • 8"
  • Heavy-duty Polyester Bristles
  • BPA free
  • All Plastic Construction
  • Positive-Suction
  • Plastic Base

Half Gallon Brush, 16″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4046800

$33.98 $22.23
  • Plastic
  • 16" Bottle Brushes
  • Smaller Diameter Handles
  • Soft Bristles

Hand Scrub Brush, 6″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4002402

$12.96 $7.16
Hand cleaner brush with stiff polyester bristles staple set into comfortable, easy-grip handle styles

Kitchen Brush, 8″ x 3″, White, Polyester, Medium, Carlisle 4054602

$21.84 $14.32
8" x 3" Scrub brush made with Polypropylene block that will not crack, chip or split; stapled set secure bristles

Lid for Trash Can, 23 Gallon, Grey, Plastic, Thunder Group PLTC023GL

$16.03 $9.43
  • Made of plastic mold design for lightweight and durability
  • Square trash can lid is perfect for use with the square trash can, perfectly fitting its contoured edges
  • Cover has a unique top that allows for you to throw away your trash without having to lift the lid
  • Trash can lid provides extra sanitation and guards against harsh weather, smell, and provides overall coverage to the trash can
  • Trash can lid is meant to be used with the trash can lid (PLTC023G)

Lid for Trash Can, 44 Gallon, Grey, Plastic, Thunder Group PLTC044GL

$23.92 $12.97
  • Fits 44 gallon trash can.
  • Round shape.
  • Grey color.
  • Sturdy and heavy duty construction.
  • Secure Snap-on Lid.

Quaternary Ammonia Test Strips, 3″, White, Litmus, (100/Pack), Franklin 142-1363

$6.54 $5.33
3" x 2" Ammonia test tube, with 100 iodine test strips to last you a long time.

Recycle Bin, 23 Gallon, Blue, Plastic, Wall Hugger, Continental 8322-1

$106.92 $55.11
  • Durable plastic receptacles that work in tight spaces
  • hold 23 gallons of recyclables but protrude just one foot from the wall.