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Back Bar Cooler, 48″, 27″ Deep, Black, 2 Door, Glass, Falcon ABB-48G-27

$2,914.35 $1,649.00
This 48", Black Back Bar Cooler is perfect for displaying your drinks to your customers.

Back Bar Cooler, 60″, Black, Glass, 2 Door, Falcon ABB-60G

$2,981.10 $1,399.00
2 doors, 60" wide, (48) 6-packs or (2) 1/2 keg capacity

Back Bar Cooler, 72″, Black, 3 Door, Falcon ABB-72

$3,542.40 $1,629.00
This 72" Black Back Bar has 3 doors meaning there is plenty of space to go around to store drinks at a desired temperature.

Back Bar Cooler, 72″, Glass, Black, 3 Door, Falcon ABB-72G

$3,542.40 $1,649.00
The Falcon ABB-72G is 72" and has 3 doors. It can keep all your drinks nice and cool!

Bottle Cooler, 65″, 2 Door, Black, Falcon ABC-65

$2,881.77 $1,199.00
This Falcon ABC-65 black bottle cooler has dimensions of 28.375" × 65" × 34.25" and 2 doors. This cooler can keep all your bottles cool and easily accessible!

Chef Base Refrigerator, 36″, Stainless Steel, 2 Drawer, Falcon ACFB-36

$3,123.15 $1,799.00
This 36" Chef Base Refrigerator is perfect for convenient storage places.

Freezer, 1 Door, 27 cu.ft., Glass Door, Reach-in, Falcon Refrigeration AGM-27F

$3,445.62 $1,919.00
With this merchandise reach-in freezer, you can keep the cold air in and still look at what you want.

Freezer, 1 Door, Reach In, 23 cu. ft., Stainless Steel, Falcon Equipment AF-23

$3,142.71 $1,299.00
This reach-in freezer is 23 cu. ft. and only has one door, but it still gets the job done.

Freezer, 2 Door, 53 cu.ft., Glass Door, Reach-in, Falcon Refrigeration AGM-53F

$5,442.09 $2,719.00
This reach-in freezer has a removable door gasket which makes cleaning insanely easy.

Freezer, 2 Door, Reach In, 49 cu. ft., Stainless Steel, Falcon Equipment AF-49

$4,585.56 $2,099.00
This reach-in freezer is wide so it can fit big storage containers and various items.

Freezer, 3 Door, Reach In, 72 cu. ft, Stainless Steel, Falcon Equipment AF-72

$6,555.66 $3,899.00
This reach-in freezer has plenty of space and is the best way to stay organized.

Harvest Assist Kit, 13″ x 11″ x 6″, Scotsman 12-3060-21

This Scotsman Assist Kit is approved for use in many Scotsman ice machines. This part is approved for use by the original manufacturers and this part is intended for original use only.

Ice Level Sensor, Scotsman 11-0540-21

This Bin Ice Level Sensor Control is a durable replacement to get you up and running again. Made in the USA.

Kegerator, 1 Tap, 1 Door, Falcon ADD-1

$2,049.93 $919.00
This Kegerator is a must-have in any bar and is very easy to use.

Kegerator, 1 Tap, 2 Door, Black, Falcon ADD-2

$2,997.72 $1,549.00
The Falcon Equipment ADD-2 has 2 doors and 1 tap making it the perfect addition to your bar equipment.

Kegerator, 2 Tap, 2 Door, Stainless Steel, Falcon ADD-3

$3,341.61 $1,979.00
This kegerator measures 28" x 69" x 37". It has 2 taps and 2 doors.

Prodigy ice cuber C0322SA-1 Scotsman

$6,286.00 $2,514.00
Stainless Steel Ice Cube 22", Scotsman.

Reach In Freezer, 1 Section, Turbo Air M3F24-2-N

$8,313.00 $2,880.45
This freezer is a high quality solid stainless steel commercial appliance that can withstand ugly scratches and dents while bringing commercial beauty to your establishment.

Reach In Freezer, 2 Section, Turbo Air M3F47-2-N

$11,890.00 $4,114.99
This freezer is a high quality solid stainless steel commercial appliance that can withstand ugly scratches and dents while bringing commercial beauty to your establishment.

Reach-In Freezer, Glass Door, 1 Section, Falcon AF-23G

$2,115.00 $1,649.00
The self-closing glass swing door makes sure the unit stays nice and cool and the anti-fog glass makes the contents easy to see at all times.

Reach-In Freezer, Glass One Door, 49CT, Falcon AF-49G

$3,000.00 $2,249.00
Our reach-in models are beautifully designed in smooth stainless steel for a look that you would be proud to put in any commercial application.

Refrigerated Deli Case, 48″, Black, 2 Door, Falcon ADC-120

$3,782.01 $2,369.00
This 48" Black Refrigerated Deli Case stores your deli at just the right temperature while offering an opportunity for display.

Refrigerated Sandwich/Salad Prep Table, 60″, 16 Cubic ft, Two Section, Turbo Air M3 Series, MST-60-N

$7,915.00 $2,742.00
The Turbo Air Sandwich/Salad Table MST-60 will keep your food fresh with a cold air compartment that evenly distributes the temperature.

Refrigerator, 2 Door, Reach-In, Stainless Steel, True Mfg. T-49-HC

$10,832.00 $3,796.27
Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety, and the best value in today’s foodservice marketplace.