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Harvest Assist Kit, 13″ x 11″ x 6″, Scotsman 12-3060-21

This Scotsman Assist Kit is approved for use in many Scotsman ice machines. This part is approved for use by the original manufacturers and this part is intended for original use only.

Replacement Cartridge for SSM, 24″, Scotsman SSMRC6

$155.00 $101.06
The Scotsman SSMRC6 Replacement Cartridge uses an AquaArmor system which has an AgION® antimicrobial compound. This can reduce bacteria, slime, and mold growth.

Replacement Cartridge, 9,000 Gallon, White, For ICE120-S, Cuno HF20-S

$116.03 $77.53

3M™ HF20-S Replacement Cartridge provides you with Recipe Quality Water™ for consistent quality ice and protects your equipment from  scale build-up.