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Cool Handle 1, Blue, Silicone/Rubber, Vollrath 3009

$11.30 $7.71
This large Cool Grip handle will make cooking more efficient. With an easy-grip easy to spot removable handle.

Cool Handle 2, Blue, Silicone/Rubber, Vollrath 3010

$8.20 $5.50
Tired of getting burned or not having a comfortable fit while grasping your pans? Well, no more with this durable easy-grip rubber handle.

Cool Handle 3, Blue, Silicone/Rubber, Vollrath 3011

$7.20 $5.50
This 4" removable handle is ideal for small pans and is easily used.

Cover, Stainless Steel, Libertyware SCVR40

Ever think I need a lid well think no more this cover is just the thing for you.

Dome Cover, For 10″ Fry Pan , Libertyware FRY10DC

$8.20 $5.50
We got you covered with this Aluminum 10 inch Dome Cover that is sure to keep the heat in while you are cooking.

Dome Cover, For 12″ Fry Pan , Libertyware FRY12DC

$10.55 $6.60
This 12-inch Aluminum, Dome Cover is just what you need to cover your pans during frying, cooking, searing, etc. (14 in)

Dome Cover, For 14″ Fry Pan , Alum, Libertyware FRY14DC

$13.95 $7.71
This aluminum, frying pan cover, does a fantastic job of keeping the heat in the pan but keeping it well ventilated at the same time. (14 in)

Dome Cover, For 7″ Fry Pan , Libertyware FRY07DC

$6.45 $4.40
If your looking for a Dome Cover for your 7" fry pan look no more Standard Restaurants got you covered.  

Dome Cover, For 8″ Fry Pan , Libertyware FRY08DC

$4.50 $4.40
We got you covered with this Aluminum 8 inch Dome cover.

Double Pot Hook, Winco PH-2

$2.06 $1.64
Looking for a Double Pot Hook? Well, no more Standard Restaurant Supplies has got you covered.

Egg Cups, Aluminum, For Egg Poacher, Vollrath 75080

$3.83 $3.30
This Egg cup for an egg poacher is high quality and very reliable.

Pan Grip, Fits 7″ & 8″ Fry Pans, Silicone, Crown Brands RHDL-S

$1.98 $1.64
Avoid the pain of pan burns with this handle grip that fits 7 " and 8" pans. It provides a good grip that will prevent any accidents, and adds a touch of class.

Sauce Pan Cover, For 3 QT Aluminum Sauce pans, Winco ASP-3C

$7.13 $4.69
Are you looking for a lid for your 3 Quart Aluminum Sauce Pan? Well look no more Standard Restaurant has it all.

Sauce Pot Cover, 8 QT, Aluminum, Libertyware SAUC08

$7.40 $6.84
This sauce pot cover is made of aluminum and is great for 8 Qt pans.

Splatter Screen, 13″ Large, Norpro 2060

$8.90 $7.63
Protect yourself from the frightening things that lie ahead with this 13" splatter screen.

Splatter Screen, 13″, EZ Grip Handle, Norpro 2066

$8.50 $7.33
This 13" splatter screen prevents grease and hot liquids from splattering on you, your walls, and countertops.

Stock Pot Lid, 13″, 16 QT, Stainless Steel, Thunder Group SLSPS032C

$43.88 $28.30
Thunder Group Stock Pot Lid is 13-inches in diameter and made with stainless steel material.