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Electric Skillet, 12″, Oster CKSTSKFM12-NP

$90.00 $61.93
  • DuraCeramic
  • 2.125" depth
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • PFOA and PFTE free

French Style Fry Pan, 11-1/8″, Carbon Steel, Winco CSFP-12

$40.63 $29.62
  • Carbon Steel
  • French Style
  • 11.125"
  • Suitable for long pre-heating and searing

Fry Pan 10″, Aluminum, Natural Finish, Vollrath 67910

$35.40 $24.30
This aluminum fry pan has a 10" diameter and has a natural finish that ensures even heating. With a lifetime limited warranty, this Wear-Ever fry pan is ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Fry Pan 10″, Aluminum, Non-Stick, Gator Grip Handle, Vollrath 67610

$56.00 $37.47
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-duty, impact-resistant 3004-Series aluminum construction is incredibly durable
  • Ever-Tite riveting system promises a lifetime limited warranty against loose rivets
  • SteelCoat x3 nonstick coating provides better food release and faster cleaning
  • Triple-layer SteelCoat x3 nonstick coating applied with curtain-coating system for longer wear
  • Silicone TriVent handle withstands temperatures up to 450°F
  • Handle design offers a comfortable, ergonomic grip and minimizes heat transfer
  • NSF-certified
  • Versatile design and strong SteelCoat x3 nonstick coating is perfect for high-demand applications

Fry Pan, 10″, Aluminum, Hard Coat Anodized, W/Cool Handle, Vollrath H4010

$55.50 $39.35
This 10 in Vollrath® Wear-Ever fry pan is perfect for frying and browning. Measures 10-inch diameter by 2-inch height.

Fry Pan, 10″, Aluminum, Non-Stick, Thunder Group ALSKFP103C

$35.44 $23.14
This amazing 10" fry pan with curved sides facilitates easy stirring while its non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the pan.

Fry Pan, 10″, Aluminum, Thunder Group ALSKFP003C

$23.48 $16.53
Thunder Group's 10" Professional Quality Fry Pan has a heavy-duty curved wall construction that makes for even cooking so it is perfect for scrambling, sauteing, and more.

Fry Pan, 10″, Ceramic Guard, Vollrath Z4010

$73.80 $48.50
  • 8 gauge pan
  • 3004 aluminum
  • CeramiGuard II Non-Stick Coating
  • EverTite Riveting System
  • 10" diameter.

Fry Pan, 11″, Carbon Steel, French Style, Vollrath 58920

$50.90 $35.87
This Classic French style pan is just what you need. It's durable, has a well-balanced handle, and it also has a hanging hole for easy storage.

Fry Pan, 11″, Stainless Steel, 18/8, Thunder Group SLSFP011

$55.90 $33.39
  • Versatile - Great for sauteing vegetables, frying meat, cooking pancakes or omelettes, etc.,
  • 18/8 stainless steel - Optimal heat distribution and rust-resistant
  • Curved wall design
  • Long handle

Fry Pan, 11″, Stainless Steel, Quantum II Coating, 18/8, Thunder Group SLSFP111

$95.16 $44.09
This 11" frying pan is a great addition to demanding commercial kitchens.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Ceramic Guard, Vollrath Z4012

$104.80 $68.38
This Vollrath 8 gauge pan is made of 3004 aluminum. It has a CeramiGuard II Non Stick Coating and the EverTite Riveting System.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Gator Grip Handle,Vollrath 67612

$77.90 $54.40
The Vollrath 67612 12" frying pan is non-stick and is incredibly durable. The SteelCoat x3 coating and versatile design make it perfect for high-demand applications.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Natural Finish, Gator Grip Handle, Vollrath 67912

$52.50 $37.03
This high-quality wear-ever fry pan is built for demanding commercial kitchens. With its ability to withstand temperatures up to 450°F and its Gator grip handle this pan really is the full package.  

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Natural Finish, W/Cool Handle, Vollrath 4012

$71.80 $49.77
This Wear-Ever frying pan from Vollrath offers exceptional durability! Its natural finish ensures even heating throughout the 12" diameter of the pan.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Non-Stick, Power Coat 2, Vollrath 67812

$64.40 $45.14
This heavy-duty fry pan is easily one of the best ones out there with its amazing qualities.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Non-Stick, Silicone Sleeve, Winco AFPI-12NH

$47.79 $34.84
The Winco 12-inch Aluminum frying pan comes with a Silicone Sleeve and non-stick features.

Fry Pan, 12″, Aluminum, Non-Stick, Thunder Group ALSKFP104C

$50.41 $21.05
This 12" aluminum frying pan is non-stick and is the perfect addition to your kitchen cookware.

Fry Pan, 12″, Stainless Steel, 18/8, Thunder Group SLSFP012

$81.90 $47.45
This 12" frying pan can be used for nearly anything, from sautéing ingredients to scrambling eggs or even cooking meats

Fry Pan, 12″, Stainless Steel, Quantum II Coating, 18/8, Thunder Group SLSFP112

$110.23 $52.08
Upgrade your kitchen with the help of this 12" Stainless Steel Frypan.

Fry Pan, 14″, Aluminum, Gator Grip Handle, Vollrath 67614

$111.00 $72.43
This easy to use durable frying pan can withstand heat up to 450°F.

Fry Pan, 14″, Aluminum, Natural Finish, Vollrath 67914

$74.10 $48.36
This state of the art frying pan is suitable for high demanding commercial kitchens.