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Avocado Slicer, Stainless Steel NPR5171

$15.98 $10.96
This avocado slicer creates perfect slices to put in your salads and sandwiches. Hand washing recommended.

Magnetic Bar, 18″, Black, Plastic, Thunder Group SLGB018

$19.79 $11.74
Thunder Group Black 18" Magnetic Bar, ideal for fast, easy, and save knife storage within the kitchen area. Other utensils can be safely stored on the bar as well.

Onion Holder, 6″, Stainless Steel Prongs, With Odor Remover Stone, Grip-Ez, Norpro 5141

$23.90 $18.73
Holds onions in place for cutting. Odor remover stone. Durable stainless steel. Easy to clean.

Paring Knife, 3″, Blue, Carbon, Stainless Steel MERCM23930BL

$9.40 $5.73
This paring knife is perfect for food preparation work. Use it to trim, peel, or slice through all your fruit and vegetable needs. Not dishwasher safe as it will progressively rust the blade.

Peeler With Zester, 6″, Wooden Handle, Crown Brands CO-BP106

$3.20 $1.97
Get right to the point with this 6" peeler which has a zester with a wooden handle.

Peeler, 7.5″, Black, Stainless Steel, Santoprene Handle, Swivel Blade, Focus 536BKDC

$11.47 $8.81
Black Comfort Grip Handle. Swivel Stainless Steel Blade. Easy to Clean. Rust Resistant.

Rock Chop & Rolling Knife, Green/White, Stainless Steel, 1654263

$9.00 $5.75
Slice, Dice and Chop! Rolling blade for cutting efficiency Prepare vegetables and fruits quickly, Use for cutting dough, pizzas and pies Ergonomic handle with easy to use brake, 360 degree rotating. Free bonus pastry blade.

Spreader, 3.5″, White, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene Handle, (3/Pack), Mundial SCW5688E-31/2

$17.60 $14.10
3 Pack. Serrated Blade. White Polypropylene Handle. Comfort Grip. Rust Resistant Stainless Steel.

Vegetable Peeler, 2.25″, Black, Stainless Steel, Nylon Handle, Victorinox 40694

$7.60 $5.79
Stainless Steel Blades. Black. Nylon Handle. Compact Size. Glide-Sharp Blade.