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Cake Server, 2 “” X 2 “”, White Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel, Libertyware WP-T22

$2.99 $2.35
This 2 by 2 stainless steel turner is the perfect addition to your party kitchenware. It is great for serving cakes and brownies at parties.

Cake Turner, 2″ X 4″, Plastic White Handle, Libertyware WP-T24

$2.20 $1.83
This 2" X 4" Cake Turner is the turner you have been searching for. It has a plastic white handle with a stainless steel blade. Amazing! Art!

Cake Turner, 2″ X 4″, Wood Handle, Libertyware WH-T24

$1.75 $1.49
This 2" X 4" cake turner is a perfect addition to your cooking supplies and can be used to serve brownies and cakes.

Fish Turner, 3″ x 6″, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant, Mercer Tool M33183

$29.20 $18.07
Mercer Tool Fish Tuner is 3" x 6" with a heat resistant handle that absorbs 50% less heat.

Griddle Scraper, 4″, White Poly Handle, Blade s/s, Mundial W5692-4

$18.50 $14.10
Clean up the worst of griddle messes with this 4 " Griddle Scraper that is here to get the job done right.

Hamburger Turner, 14″, Stainless Steel & Wood, Riveted rosewood handle, Solid Blade s/s, Vollrath 48081

$14.50 $9.47
This 14" stainless steel Turner is great for continuous use and commercial kitchens.

Hamburger Turner, 4″ X 3″, Wood Handle, Mundial 4686M

$19.50 $14.10
Get yourself this 4" by 3" Hamburger Turner that won't burn your hand or melt all over your pans.

Hamburger Turner, 6″ X 3″ Blade, Winco TN719

$4.69 $4.35
This Item is a durable 6" X 3"  Turner with a wooden handle.

Hell’s Handle Turner, 8″ X 3″, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Up To 450°F, Mercer Culinary M18300

$28.10 $17.28
The Mercer Hell's Handle Turner has a heat-resistant handle that absorbs 50% less heat, staying cool to the touch.

Mini Turner, 2 ” X 2 “, Mundial W5689

$11.00 $8.81
This Mini Turner is suitable for any kitchen anywhere.

Over Size Blade Turner, 15″, Stainless Steel Blade, Wood Handle

$12.88 $11.64
This oversize 15" turner is the perfect addition to your kitchen supplies and is sure to deliver the perfect frying experience.

Pie Server, 2 “” X 4 “”, Blade, W/Plastic Handle, Thunder Group SLPS027P

$4.17 $2.35
This 2" by 4" Pie Server is perfect for serving delicious pies at your events.

Pie Server, 3″X 5″, White hand Mundial W5695

$16.10 $14.28
This 3" X 5" Pie Server is a wonderful addition to your serving supplies.

Pie Server, 5″ Blade, Winco TN166

$2.50 $1.64
Scrambling to find a durable pie server? Well, no more Standards got you covered.

Pie/Cake Server, 12″, Stainless Steel, W/Thick Handle, Thunder Group SLBF010

$9.63 $4.71
This 12" stainless steel server is the perfect addition to your serving utensils. Its charming look is great for any themed party and can be used at the simplest of times.

Solid Turner, 2″ X 5.25″, Carbon Steel, Victorinox 40390

$20.50 $15.43
Make life easier by purchasing this stainless steel turner with a classy walnut handle.

Solid Turner, 4″ X 8″, Stainless Steel/Walnut Handle, Victorinox 41092

$44.50 $31.96
This 4" X 8" stainless steel, solid turner is the perfect item for your kitchen supplies.

Turner, 10″, Solid Stainless Steel Blade, Wood Handle, Thunder Group SLTWST010

$8.24 $5.89
This 10" solid stainless steel turner is here for you. It is a perfect size and provides a nice, sturdy grip making turning much easier.

Turner, 11 1/2″, Nylon, Slotted, Round, Norpro 905

$2.98 $2.60
The go-to spatula for flipping eggs, omelets, burgers, hash browns, pancakes, and more! (11.5")

Turner, 13″, Black, Plastic, Slotted, High Heat, Carlisle Food 490003

$15.69 $9.83
This high heat, slotted, plastic turner is perfect for making the most delicious food.

Turner, 14″, Amber, Plastic, With 5.13″ X 3.5″ Blade, Cambro SPA14150

$12.60 $9.14
This high heat Camtensil turner is ideal for catering and kitchen applications. It can withstand temperatures from -40­°F - 300°F.

Turner, 20″, Stainless Steel SQ. Blade For Pizza, Wood Handle, Thunder Group SLTWHT008

$15.80 $13.98
This 20" turner is just the thing for anyone looking for a turner that is long enough to reach and avoid grease splatters.

Turner, 4″ X 3″, Mundial 5686

$24.45 $16.53
If you are looking for a turner that is convenient and easy to use, this 4" by 3" Turner from Mundial is the thing for you.

Turner, 5 1/8″ X 2 7/8″, Stainless Steel, Orange Nylon Handle, Off Set Blade, Solid, Winco TNH-61

$8.15 $5.94
With it's 5 1/8" X 2 7/8" blade, this stunning high heat hamburger turner guarantees a comfortable and effortless experience as you cook.

Turner, 5″ X 4″, White Poly Handle, Mundial W5687

$24.70 $16.53
Perfect for anything, this 5" X  4" Turner has got your back and will get the job done right.

Turner, 6″ X 3″, Rose Wood Handle, Square End, Mundial 4685M

$28.05 $18.73
This Rose Wood Handle Turner has a 6" X 3" square end that makes turning a lot more exciting. If you want the job done, this baby will do the trick.

Turner, 6″ X 3″, White Poly Handle, Square End, Mundial W5685

$22.10 $14.32
This 6" by 3" Turner is the perfect cooking tool you need to have in your kitchen.

Turner, 6″, Solid Stainless Steel Blade, Thunder Group SLTWPT003S

$2.99 $2.58
This bad boy turner will flip your food like no other. It is stainless steel and 6".

Turner, 7 ” X 3″, Orange, Stainless Steel,Square Edge, Off Set Blade, Winco TNH-70

$12.62 $9.20
This cool heat,  7-1/4″ x 3″ offset square edge blade turner is a must have for your commercial kitchen.

Turner, 8-1/4″ X 2-7/8″, Orange, Stainless Steel, Flexible Off Set, Winco TNH-90

$11.69 $8.52
This cutting edge stainless steel turner is durable and dishwasher safe.

Turner, 8″ X 3″, Perforated, Mundial 4681M

$26.25 $16.01
Reduce grease and residue on your food with this 8" X 3" Perforated Turner, wooden handle.

Turner, 8″ X 3″, Red Handle, Mundial R5683

$22.95 $15.07
This 8" X 3" Turner features a vibrant red handle that gives off the aura of professionalism and quality at its finest.

Turner, 8″ X 3″, Rose Wood Handle, Mundial 4683M

$30.60 $20.94
This 8" X 3" Turner is exactly what you need to get the job done. Make life easier, and get this turner!

Turner, 8″ X 3″, White Handle, Mundial W5683

$20.25 $15.38
Looking for a Turner? This is the one for you! It is a charming, clean-cut turner that will get the job done. (8" by 3")

Turner, Long Blade, Libertyware NYL-TL

$1.50 $1.29
If your looking for a way to cook fancier this Fish Turner is just the thing for you.

Turner, Long, High Heat, Grip-ez, Norpro 1709

$4.50 $4.28
This long, high heat, Norpro Turner is exactly what you need to keep your kitchen going. It can withstand high temperatures, so it won't melt.