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Stainless Steel

Broiler Master Grill Brush & Scraper, 30.5″, Beige, Carbon Steel, Wood Handle, Carlisle 4002600

$44.58 $30.62
Metal Bristles – High-strength metal bristles remove carbon deposits, rust and burned-on food buildup from high-temperature ovens and grills

Brush, 13.75″, Black, Carbon Steel, Carlisle 4577000

$4.78 $3.45
The Carlisle 4577000 has durable steel wire bristles for removing rust, metal burrs, paint, and varnish. The smooth wooden handle allows for superior grip and control. 

Charbroiler Brush, 8″, Black, Steel, Coarse, Franklin Machine Products 171-1196

$41.80 $32.40
8" x 3" Grill brick scrubber for all those hard to clean grill jobs.

Dispenser Spout Brush, 13″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4015500

$7.11 $4.62
Polyester bristles twisted into flexible wire handles for efficient cleaning of bacteria prone taps, spouts, plungers, tubes, blades, and equipment fittings

Fryer Envelope, 18-1/2″ x 20-1/2″ White, (100/Pack), Cellucap D1820E5

$156.85 $79.88
  • Filter Envelopes
  • 7/8" hole single-sided 
  • 100 sheets per case
  • 18-1/2 x 20-1/2

Hood Filter, 16″ x 20″, Stainless Steel, Winco HFS-1620

$40.38 $29.44
Essential to any kitchen, these hood filters are durable and long-lasting, helping to prevent unsafe working conditions.

Hood Filter, 20″ x 25″, Stainless Steel, Winco HFS-2025

$47.85 $34.88
Essential to any kitchen, these hood filters are durable and long-lasting, helping to prevent unsafe working conditions.

Multi-Purpose Valve & Fitting Brush, 30″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4000802

$48.24 $33.13
Round or oval head Atlas brushes meant for versatile cleaning for a variety of commercial kitchen equipment

Pizza Oven Brush Head, 10.25″, Brown, Brass, Winco BR-10

$19.15 $9.25

This pizza oven brush head is 10.25” with brass bristles and a metal scraper. Ideal for removing rust, heavy build-ups, heavy grease, and carbon deposits that might come from pizza ovens.

Scratch Brush and Scraper, 11.5″, Blue, Carbon Steel, Carlisle 4067100

$12.60 $8.87
11.5" carbon steel brush, compact profile for heavy scraping and cleaning in tight, narrow spaces; provides quick, aggressive removal of grease and deposits

Skimmer oil, Ballington BAS018

$36.00 $22.00
  • High-Quality Material - Made of food-grade Stainless Steel. Safe, Rustproof, Durable and will last long. 
  • Long handles to protect your hands from scalding of oil splashing.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship, Sleek Modern Design, Exceptional Quality.
  • This strainer allows you to fry and cook food in a proper and safe way. Release and secure your hands while cooking large amounts of food or cooking food for a long time, making the tedious and cumbersome cooking tasks safe and easy to operate.

Urn Brush, 25″, White, Polyester, Carlisle 4067300

$6.27 $4.40
For your tight space pots and kettles, the Carlisle 25" brush is just what you need.

Valve & Fitting Brush, 15″, White, Polyester Straight, Carlisle 4018002

$13.20 $8.09
15" straight brush with 1" diameter is designed for cleaning straight pipes, elbows, tees, and valves