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Beverage Glass, 12 oz., Rim-Tempered, Sure Guard Guarantee, New Orleans, (36/Case) Anchor Hocking 7732U

$187.20 $84.96
  • Sold by case of 36
  • 12-ounce
  • Wide panels
  • The tall rim of the New Orleans line
  • Rim has been tempered to provide extra durability

Beverage Glass, 12-1/2 oz., Safedge Rim Guarantee, (48/Case) Libbey 159

$118.08 $71.03
  • Dishwasher safe, Made in the USA
  • Made out of durable glass
  • Capacity 12.5 ounces
  • Safedge Rim Guarantee

Beverage Glass, 14 oz., Glass, Gibraltar, (36/Case) Libbey 15244

$191.52 $99.59
  • Made for commercial use
  • Quality drinkware for any setting
  • Beautifully crafted for customer satisfaction
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong construction to ensure longevity
  • Capacity 14 ounces
  • Sold in a case of 36
  • Made of durable glass that withstands any customer's use.

Cooler Glass, 16 oz, (24/Case) Libbey 15256

$168.00 $87.36
Their high-quality products prove to be both stylish and long-lasting in commercial environments.

Cooler Glass, 16 oz., (24/Case) Libbey 29811HT

$137.28 $71.39
Now, thanks to these eye-catching, grip-grabbing, groove-textured glasses, guests can feast their eyes and lips on every masterful concoction even plain-and-simple soda water.

Cooler Glass, 16 oz., Sure Guard Guarantee, Clarisse, (36/Case), Anchor Hocking 77796

$251.28 $125.64
This glass is sleek and stylish with superior durability. Clarisse combines beauty and function into one glass.

Drinking Jar, 16-1/2 oz., Plain Panels, (12/Case) Libbey 97084

$36.48 $13.32
Crisa by Libbey Glass is an amazing line of beautiful glass products. Includes items for home decorating, candles, tealites, flowers, drinkware, baking and so much more.

Iced Tea Glass, 16 oz, Embassy, (12/Case), Libbey 3716

$81.60 $22.68
This ice tea glass has a sturdy stem and a wide base. it balances on top of all tabletops and counters.    

Tumbler, 20 oz., Glass, Paneled, Dura-Tuff, (24/Case) Libbey 15643

$173.76 $90.00
  • Capacity: 20 oz
  • DuraTuff Paneled Iced Tea Glass.
  • 24 in a case
  • Height: 6-5/8"
  • Top Diameter: 3-5/8"
  • Bottom Diameter: 2-5/8"

Zombie Glass, 12 oz., Safedge Rim Guarantee, Straight Sided, (72/Case), Libbey 96

$204.48 $106.33
  • Made for commercial use
  • Quality drinkware for any setting
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong construction to ensure longevity
  • 72 in a case