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Digital Scale, 6″, Stainless Steel, Compact, Taylor 1020NFS

$55.00 $24.99
Taylor Professional compact digital scale with a stainless steel surface can withhold loads from 11 pounds down to 0.1 oz.

Pocket Thermometer, 3”, Yellow, Plastic, Digital, Taylor 9848EFDA

$39.60 $29.70
Fast, accurate and precise makes this digital thermometer the tool to use in a professional environment. The 1.5mm FDA compliant stem is perfect for thin foods, with a response time of less than 6 seconds to stable.

Portion Scale, 5.4″ x 5.4″, Black, Stainless Steel, Digital, Taylor Precision TE10FT

$133.56 $57.99
  • Weighs accurately up to 11 lb (5 kg) in 0.1 oz (1 g) increments
  • Large, easily readable 0.9″ LCD display
  • Removable 5 3/8″ x 5 3/8″ stainless steel platform
  • HOLD function retains weight on the screen
  • TARE feature
  • Auto-off function and low battery indicator
  • Field recalibrate
  • NSF listed
  • AC adapter included
  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries, not included

Portion Scale, 7.2″ x 7.2″, Black, Stainless Steel, Digital Portion Control, Taylor Precision TE22FT

$182.32 $72.98
Taylor Professional digital portion control scale is perfect for all your kitchen needs because of it's wide range of weighing options ranging from 22 lbs to 0.1 oz.

Portion Scale, 8″ x 5″, Black, Stainless Steel, Top Loading, Taylor Precision TE10R

$361.46 $163.99
  • Weighs accurately up to 10 lb (5 kg) in 0.1 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz (2 g, 5 g) increments
  • Removable 5″ x 8″ stainless steel platform
  • Tare and HOLD function
  • Auto-off and disable auto-off feature when powered by batteries
  • NSF listed
  • AC adapter and rechargeable battery included

Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer, -20° – 80°F, Taylor 3507FS

$4.95 $4.46
Ensure your equipment is functioning properly with this Taylor Refrigerator and Freezer thermometer.

Thermometer, Blue & Silver, Taylor 1476FDA

$21.30 $15.98
  • Accurately measures between: -40°F - 392°F and -40°C - 200°C
  • FDA recommended step down probe
  • Auto shut off conserves ba
  • NSF listed

Timer, White, Plastic, Super Loud (95 db), Taylor 5873

$18.67 $16.53
  • Loudest consumer timer on the market!
  • Timer continues to ring until the user turns it off
  • Features a clock and counts up/counts down