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Huckleberry Syrup Bar Mix, 1 Liter, Finest call 01-0382

Bar Syrup, 1 Liter, Finest call 03-0947

  • Bar Syrup
  • All-Natural Sweetener
  • 1-Liter
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The Finest Call Bar Syrups is a combination of superfine, all-natural sweetener, and carbon-filtered water. Their syrups never crystallize and they add a bit of sweetness to a multitude of drinks without the bother of cooking and storing your own. Simple, consistent, and economically attractive, this product has proven to be a superior alternative to house-made bar syrup. Improve efficiency and consistency. A staple ingredient in hundreds of cocktail recipes. Great for creative flavor infusions. Superior over sugar behind the bar because it doesn’t add grit to a drink. This syrup is available in a 1 Liter plastic bottle.
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