Cake Pan, 3

Cake Pan, 3", Round, Aluminum, 2" Deep, Thunder Group ALCP0302

Layer Cake Pan, 16

Layer Cake Pan, 16" x 4", Aluminum, Round, Deep, Thunder Group ALCP1604

Cake Pan, 14" Round, Aluminum, 4" Deep, Thunder Group ALCP1404

  • Cake Pan
  • 14" Round
  • Aluminum
  • 4" Deep
  • Layer
  • 0.90 Mm Thick
  • Thunder Group ALCP1404
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Professional or amateur baker, good pans make a huge difference in your finished product. To give your cake creations a personal touch, there are times when you just need that perfect size cake pan.  You have now found it.  Thunder Group has a large, 14" round and  4" deep, cake pan.  This durable large pan is made of aluminum, has a rolled top rim, and is rust and warp resistant. Aluminum allows for even heating of the cake pan and quick cooling.  This pan works great when you are preparing decorative individual desserts for your bakery or restaurant. Bake with confidence and a happy heart!


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