White Plastic Taster Spoons, Arvesta TASTER

Taster Spoon, White, Plastic, (3000/Case), Arvesta TASTER

Spoon, Extra Heavyweight, Black, Polystyrene, (1000/Case), Karat U2023B


  • Complementary Black Color
  • Reliable and Heavyweight
  • Durable Plastic
  • Use with Dessert, Cereal, and More
  • Great for Take-out and To-Go
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Need a great disposable spoon for your concession stand or food truck? This black spoon is made of heavyweight plastic and has durability for scooping out your favorite treats like ice cream, pudding, and potato salad without bending or breaking. Its black color is great for matching most disposable dinnerware. This durable spoon comes in a case of 1000, making a large quantity for longer lasting flatware at any catered event, party, or family potlucks. Get your case of disposable black plastic spoons today!

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