Torch Lighter, 4", Refillable, American Lighter 2025CR

  • Long-Lasting & Refillable
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Child-Proof Thumb Safety Lock
  • Fuel Level Window
  • 4" Torch Shaft
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The American Lighter 2025CR Torch Lighter is a long-lasting, multi-purpose refillable lighter used for any situation that requires flame. What else is there to say?
It's a great butane lighter that's used to light the fireplace, BBQ grill, candles and etc. with ease. Its child-proof thumb safety lock keeps the torch from igniting in a child's hands, eliminating potential accidents. It features a fuel level window which allows monitoring of fuel levels and lets you know when you are in need of a refill. The 4 inch long torch shaft keeps your hands away from the flame, also making the process of lighting gas pilots a breeze. Enjoy the adjustable flame and no more getting frustrated using matches that blow out in the breeze.

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